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Building a partnership for smart, sustainable and growth in Europe's Outermost Regions


Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn is attending the annual Conference of Presidents of the EU's Outermost Regions in the Azores. "This year the conference is dedicated to the discussion of actions plans for each Outermost Region, in order to identify the strengths of each region and to improve their social and economic situation", Commissioner Hahn said.

Visiting several EU supported projects the Commissioner added, "I am delighted to be able to visit five of the eight islands of the Azores archipelago. This an opportunity to see at first hand the unique qualities of this region and just how much more can be done with the right kind of approach."

Meeting with the Presidents of the Outermost Regions on 14th September:

Visit of EU co financed projects on 13th September:

- Vermelho Geothermal Plant on Sao Miguel Island – how the energy source of volcanoes can provide safe, clean energy for a self-sufficient supply while protecting the region's environment (over EUR 10.2 million EU funding).

- Furnas Lake Monitoring and Research Centre, also on Sao Miguel island, which showcases the actions of ecological recovery undertaken to recuperate the water quality and the ecosystem of the Furnas Lake (over EUR 14 million EU funding).

- Interpretation Centre of Capelinhos volcano on Faial Island which serves as a reminder of the people affected by the eruption of the Capelinhos volcano, and provides visitors with information on the region and its volcanic past through high-tech facilities (over 4.4 million EU funding).

Visit of EU co financed projects on 14-15th September:

- The passengers Maritime Terminal of Horta’s Port
- The Pico Island Vineyard Culture Interpretation Centre
- The whaling Museum