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Statement by European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, responsible for Regional Policy, welcoming the Mexico City Pact on the role of cities in reducing CO2 emissions


European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, responsible for Regional Policy, welcomes the adoption by over a hundred mayors of big cities around the world of the Mexico City Pact, on the reduction of CO2 in their cities and the combat against climate change. "As already now more than 70 percent of the European population lives in metropolitan areas and over 70 percent of CO2 emissions takes place in urban zones, cities can and must play a pivotal role in the reduction of CO2 emissions. I therefore welcome the Global Cities Covenant on Climate and the efforts they want to  make voluntarily to reduce CO2 emissions. This pact fits in with  the  goals of the European Commission, committed to CO2 reduction, and the Europe 2020 Strategy, which aims at smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In the 5th Cohesion Report, presented on 10 November, the European Commission has already outlined the role of Cohesion Policy in combating climate change and realising the Europe 2020 goals. By focusing our policy on a limited number of priority target areas, linked to the Europe 2020 Strategy, Cohesion Policy can become the best delivery tool for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, by realising practical and targeted projects in cities, where huge gains can be made in CO2 reductions. I see the Mexico City Pact as a support for our policy goals and look forward to an intensive cooperation with all European cities and metropolitan areas, to tackle the issue of climate change via a joint approach, using EU Cohesion Funding as a tool to reduce CO2 emissions in these places where they occur most.''