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New Food Assistance Convention to address world hunger

02/08/2012 - Commissioner Georgieva has signed the new Food Assistance Convention – an international agreement to define global rules for food aid by major donors – on behalf of (...)

EU humanitarian chief comments on worsening crisis in Syria

31/07/2012 - Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva made the following statement: ‘Syria is (...)

Disaster resilience in the Horn of Africa to be strengthened with new aid injection from the European Commission

31/07/2012 - The European Commission is delivering on its promise to help the Horn of Africa recover from the destructive drought, overcome its (...)

EU boosts humanitarian aid in Sudan and South Sudan

27/07/2012 - The European Commission is increasing its support to the victims of the worsening humanitarian crisis in Sudan and(...)

EU doubles its funding to fight hunger in Yemen

26/07/2012 - The European Commission is increasing its humanitarian funding to Yemen by €20 million to (...)

Yemen: the Commission gives millions more to fight growing hunger crisis

21/05/2012 - The European Commission is boosting its humanitarian aid to Yemen by €5 million in response to a rapidly developing food crisis. Malnutrition rates in parts of the country are among the highest in the world. (...)

Commissioner Georgieva and other global development leaders to speak at European Development Days

13/12/2011 - Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva will participate in this year's European Development Days in Warsaw, Poland. Organised by the European Commission and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, European Development Days is Europe’s premier forum on international affairs and development cooperation. (...)

Worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen triggers a boost in European assistances

12/12/2011 - Concerned about the effects of persistent instability, drought and poverty on hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people in Yemen, the European Commission is today increasing its humanitarian funding with an additional €5 million. (...)

A well financed by ECHO © EU

ECHO ranked as one of the top humanitarian partners in UK aid performance review

02/03/2011 - The European Commission’s Humanitarian aid department (ECHO) is one of the top donors for offering very good value for money, says the Multilateral Aid Review of the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development. (...)

Visit by Commissioner Georgieva to Yemen – 15/01/2011 © EU

Commissioner Georgieva increases European humanitarian aid to Yemen

15/01/2011 - At the end of her visit to Yemen, Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva announced the mobilisation of €15 million to address the country’s growing humanitarian needs. The Commissioner also inaugurated the new European humanitarian office in the capital Sana'a. Yemen hosts over 239 000 refugees from the Horn of Africa, while around 225 000 Yemeni are internally displaced due to conflicts. (...)

Yemeni children in front of a EU humanitarian tent - 12/01/2011 © EU/ECHO/Heinke Veit

Commissioner Georgieva draws attention to forgotten humanitarian crisis in Yemen

12/01/2011 - Commissioner Georgieva sets out for Yemen today, together with António Guterres - the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They will gather first-hand information on the humanitarian challenges in the country, which is struggling to sustain a massive number of internally displaced persons and refugees from the Horn of Africa. (...)

Children in a refugee camp in Yemen © EU

€10 million in humanitarian aid provided for refugees and people affected by the conflict in Yemen

26/07/2010 - The European Commission announced a funding package of €10 million to respond to urgent humanitarian needs exacerbated by a lack of support from the international community. The funds will be used to provide shelter, water and sanitation, food and livelihood support, basic health care and protection. The money is directed to the most vulnerable among the 350,000 internally displaced persons, their host communities, and 170 000 foreign refugees in Yemen. (...)