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Commissioner Georgieva underlines Somalia's persisting humanitarian challenges

Commissioner Georgieva underlines Somalia's persisting humanitarian challenges

16/09/2013 - Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva is participating in the conference "A new deal for Somalia" in Brussels today. (...)

€30 million boosts resilience through emergency aid in the Horn of Africa

11/10/2012 - The European Commission is increasing by €30 million its aid to (...)

Commissioners Georgieva and Piebalgs reflect upon the year since famine was declared in Somalia

20/07/2012 - One year ago, the United Nations declared famine in southern Somalia. At that time, the (...)

Commissioner Georgieva in Nairobi: we must invest in a drought-resilient Horn of Africa

04/04/2012 - Commissioner Georgieva is attending the  Joint Ministerial and High-Level Development Partners Meeting on Drought Resilience in the Horn of Africa, convened by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) with support from the US government agency USAID. (...)

Commissioner Georgieva reiterates Europe's commitment to a more sustainable and resilient Horn of Africa

03/04/2012 - Commissioner Georgieva is in Nairobi, Kenya, where she joins other high-level development partners for a meeting on ‘Resilience and growth in the Horn of Africa – enhanced partnership for change’. The meeting aims to boost coordination among humanitarian and development partners (...)

Commissioner Georgieva talks to Somali refugees in the Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya © EU

Commissioner Georgieva engages in high-level dialogue on Somalia's future

23/02/2012 - Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva is in London today for high-level talks on helping Somalia's recovery. She participates in events in the framework of the London Conference on Somalia, organised by the British government. The Commissioner and other representatives of the international (...)

Development ministers discuss the latest situation in the Horn of Africa

15/11/2011 - At the Foreign Affairs Council on 14 November, Commissioner Georgieva briefed Europe's development ministers on the latest developments in the Horn of Africa. Over 13 million people are facing food shortages and Europe has already donated over €700 million. (...)

Commission reaches out to victims of South East Asian floods

21/10/2011 - In response to the typhoons and flooding that are seriously affecting South East Asia, the European Commission has allocated €10 million to support emergency operations and provide relief to between 500 000 and 1 million of people in the flood-hit countries. (...)

Three months of famine: the Commission increases aid to Horn of Africa

20/10/2011 - The European Commission is mobilising an additional €24 million to assist vulnerable people threatened by famine and the effects of drought in the Horn of Africa. (...)

Commissioner Georgieva pledges EU support to break the vicious circle of drought and hunger in the Horn of Africa

25/08/2011 - Acting fast, giving generously and working together are the essential components for containing the famine, refugee and drought crises in the Horn of Africa. But African countries must also take long-term measures, with the support of the international community, (...)

Horn of Africa: EU leading the way among donors

17/08/2011 - The European Union's contribution towards emergency relief for the famine and drought in the Horn of Africa is now well in excess of half a billion euros, according to the latest figures. (...)

EU humanitarian aid feeds the starving in war-torn Mogadishu

04/08/2011 - The European Commission is among the main sponsors of food centres in Mogadishu, where assistance is the only lifeline for thousands of Somalis. (...)

Commissioner Georgieva holding hands with a child in the Dadaab refugee camp © EU

Commissioner Georgieva announces new aid during visit to the Horn of Africa

25/07/2011 - Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva is in the Horn of Africa for a six-day mission, responding to the drought and famine that have engulfed parts of the region. (...)

More than half the population now require urgent assistance © EU

The United Nations announced that there is famine in parts of southern Somalia

20/07/2011 - Famine is declared when (in addition to other indicators), more than 30% of children are suffering from acute malnutrition and when thousands are at risk of dying. It is very likely that tens of thousands of Somalis have died over recent months, the majority of them children. (...)

A family in Somalia © EU

European Commission allocates €35 million for victims of conflict and natural disasters in Somalia

27/07/2010 - The European Commission has adopted a €35 million funding decision to support humanitarian activities in Somalia. It is estimated that approximately 3,200,000 people, about 42% of the population of Somalia, would need emergency humanitarian assistance and/or livelihood support in the first half of 2010; at the same time field assessments suggest that the situation is unlikely to improve in the second half of this year. (...)