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Virus Ebola: l’UE renforce son aide d’urgence

Virus Ebola: l’UE renforce son aide d’urgence

24/06/2014 - La Commission européenne a décidé d’allouer 500 000 euros supplémentaires pour renforcer la lutte contre la résurgence du virus Ebola en Guinée (...)

Children are often the most affected during crises © EU

Liberia: The Commission allocates an additional €10 million package in humanitarian aid

06/08/2010 - The European Commission allocates an extra €10 million in humanitarian aid for Liberia. This assistance will directly or indirectly benefit around 500,000 vulnerable people across Liberia, by improving access to healthcare, nutrition, water and sanitation as well as bridging a funding gap during the shift from humanitarian to development funding, (...)