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A new UN envoy for the Sahel

A new UN envoy for the Sahel
17/07/2014  - 

Commissioner Georgieva today welcomed Hiroute Guebre-Sellassie, the United Nations Secretary General's Special Envoy for the Sahel to Brussels. Ms Guebre-Sellassie, who is from Ethiopia, was appointed to the post by Ban Ki-moon on 12 May, replacing Romano Prodi. This is her first visit to Brussels as Special Envoy.

The Commissioner and Ms Guebre-Sellassie discussed the ongoing food crisis in the Sahel, where 6.5 million people need emergency food assistance immediately and up to 18 million people are facing shortages. The European Union is providing €190 million in EU humanitarian support for the Sahel this year.

They agreed on the importance of building resilience in the region for vulnerable communities to withstand the stresses and shocks of natural and man-made disaster, particularly the impact of climate change.