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Commissioner Georgieva receives Mali Prime Minister

Commissioner Georgieva receives Mali Prime Minister
05/02/2014  - 

Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva has met with Mr Tatam Ly, the Prime Minister of Mali, at the European Commission today. They discussed the critical food situation across the Sahel which remains a big concern for the European Commission. Earlier this week, Commissioner Georgieva announced a boost in European humanitarian aid for the region (142 million EUR in 2014).

The consequences of displacement, which affects 423 000 extremely vulnerable Malians, were also raised. Prime Minister Tatam Ly and Commissioner Georgieva discussed the priority of resilience, a focus of the European Commission's humanitarian and development support in Mali, which aims at helping communities at risk to withstand and recover from the disasters that threaten them.

Commissioner Georgieva has been to Mali three times in the course of the last year, leading European efforts to assist in this complex emergency, perpetuated by violence, food shortages and disease risks. The humanitarian aid of the European Commission has been helping the extremely vulnerable Malians whose ranks include 800 000 people in need of immediate food aid and 500 000 young children threatened by acute severe malnutrition.