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Slovenia receives EU assistance to cope with electricity disruption due to severe cold

Staff working at the Emergency Response Centre (ERC)
03/02/2014  - 

Assistance in the form of electricity generators is reaching Slovenia after the country activated the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism on Sunday to request support following a severe cold snap.

In a swift operation, coordinated by the European Commission's Emergency Response Coordination Centre, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic offered technical experts and electricity generators within hours of the Slovenian request.

"We've seen an impressive gesture of European solidarity with this immediate response to an emergency affecting thousands of citizens in one of our Member States. This efficient assistance operation is just the latest demonstration of the value of our cooperation in civil protection," said Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva.

The European Emergency Response Coordination Centre continues to work around the clock to coordinate the relief effort and give further support if needed.

Slovenia has been affected by extreme cold - blizzards, heavy snow and sleets, since 31 January. The collapse of power lines under the weight of ice, snow and falling trees caused electricity disruptions affecting 250,000 people (25% of households). The restoration of electricity supply is made difficult by the continuing bad weather. This prompted Slovenia's request for assistance from the European Union (electric power generators with a capacity of 100-300+ kVA).