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On Universal Children's Day, learn how Europe is helping children

Children play in a pool of rain turned brown at Zaatari camp in Jordan © EU
20/11/2012  - 

Today is Universal Children's Day, marking the adoption by the United Nations of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Children are our future; and yet too many of them are suffering: from hunger and conflict, from the effects of disasters and poverty. This is why protecting children and diminishing their suffering is an important aspect of the humanitarian work and crisis response that the European Commission does, as well as of its food policies, its focus on resilience and its measures to improve Europe's disaster response.

The Commission funds organisations that are among the world's best equipped to help children in crisis – UNICEF, Save the Children, non-governmental bodies working in crisis areas where children most need support.

In a symbolic gesture last week, the European Commission announced that the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to the European Union, would also benefit children. The prize money will be allocated to projects helping children affected by war and conflicts across the world.