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More European aid for the victims of humanitarian crises in Bangladesh and Pakistan

Villagers are using boats or wading across waters, Pakistan (c) EU
01/10/2012  - 

The European Commission is providing new funding of €4 million for emergency aid to the people affected by monsoon floods and landslides in south-eastern Bangladesh. The aid is reaching over 250 000 victims, with emphasis on the most vulnerable – including women, children, the elderly, the disabled and the marginalised.

The European assistance will meet their basic humanitarian needs and kick-start their ability to support themselves, while enabling the restoration of houses and community infrastructure. Disaster risk reduction and disaster preparedness components are also being integrated into these projects in order to try to increase the resilience of these communities to the impact of future disasters. The additional funding brings the European Commission's 2012 humanitarian contribution for Bangladesh to a total of €18.65 million.

The European Commission is also boosting its humanitarian aid in Pakistan, where it funds assistance to the victims of conflict in the north of the country, and to the people affected by the major floods in the south. The new contribution – €15 million – will help provide nutrition, safe drinking water, hygiene and sanitation facilities, basic healthcare and emergency shelter. Here as well, resilience to future disasters will be supported by building disaster risk reduction components into the humanitarian projects. With the additional funding, the European Commission's 2012 allocation to Pakistan grows to €70 million.