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Additional EU support to reach Syrian refugees in Jordan

6-year-old Widad stands in front of her family’s sand-covered tent at the Zaatari camp(c) EU/Dina Baslan
14/09/2012  - 

The authorities in Jordan have officially requested urgent assistance through the European Commission's Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) to help the country cope with the influx of tens of thousands of Syrian Refugees.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has registered more than 87 000 Syrians who have fled to Jordan. Over 27 000 of them are now living in refugee camps. However, according to Jordan's authorities, the number of Syrian Refugees both hosted within communities and in the refugee camp now exceeds 200 000.

‘The European Commission has been doing all we can to alleviate the humanitarian consequences of this crisis. I want to express my gratitude to Jordan, which together with Turkey and Lebanon is a generous host to the Syrian refugees fleeing for their lives. With more refugees coming to Jordan every day, living space, drinking water, health issues and education for the numerous children in refugee camps are huge concerns. Any additional assistance which can be provided by the Member States will contribute to Europe's solidarity with the victims of this conflict,’ said Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva.

Shelter, blankets, heaters, mattresses, water tanks, latrines and hygiene kits have been requested by Jordan through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, as well as financial assistance.

EU Member States and other countries participating in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism have been informed of the needs. All offers of assistance will be coordinated by the MIC.