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Helping the victims of the Indian monsoon floods

Men crossing a flooded area in India (c) EU
06/08/2012  - 

The European Commission is providing €2 million to assist the around 80 000 people who have been most affected by the recent monsoon floods in Assam, India.

The floods in Assam are the worst in many years, affecting more than two million people. Since June, the heavy monsoon rains have caused the River Brahmaputra and its tributaries to overflow, flooding thousands of hectares of crop land and destroying many houses. More than a hundred people have died and several hundred thousand more have been forced from their homes.

The EC money will be used to help the most vulnerable, including low caste groups and tribal and religious minorities.

Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva, responsible for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, said: ‘The floods came at a particularly bad time just before the harvest. And the monsoon season is not yet at its peak.

‘Crops have been destroyed and in many cases people have also lost their homes and livestock, which further threatens their very survival. With this gesture of European solidarity, we will be helping the most vulnerable families in the worst-affected districts to survive this dreadful blow.’