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Commissioner Georgieva shares NRC's joy and relief after the release of their abducted aid workers

Poor shelter in Dadaab, Kenya © EU
02/07/2012  - 

Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva welcomes the release of four humanitarians, working for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), who had been kidnapped from the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. One person had been killed and two others injured during the attack on the humanitarian convoy last Friday.

‘I am glad that this violent incident has been brought to the best possible conclusion. The NRC is doing indispensable work in Dadaab, bringing relief and hope to hundreds of thousands of Somali people. It is hard to comprehend why those who save lives and alleviate suffering are becoming targets of attack.

‘This case again highlights that the local staff of humanitarian agencies form the majority of victims. My thoughts are with the family of Mr Abdi Ali, who was killed in the attack on the humanitarian convoy,’ Commissioner Georgieva said.

Despite the overall improvements in aid agencies' security risk management, humanitarian work is increasingly challenged by violence and deliberate attacks against humanitarians. In countries like Somalia, Syria and Pakistan, aid workers often risk their lives and health to help save the lives of others.