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Commissioner Georgieva in Nairobi: we must invest in a drought-resilient Horn of Africa

Commissioner Georgieva chats with a delegate at the Nairobi meeting  (c) EU
04/04/2012  - 

Commissioner Georgieva is attending the  Joint Ministerial and High-Level Development Partners Meeting on Drought Resilience in the Horn of Africa, convened by the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) with support from the US government agency USAID.

In her speech to the delegates, the Commissioner emphasised that both development and humanitarian actors must invest more in building resilience in the Horn of Africa. ‘If we invest more in building resilience and ensuring that communities can cope better with droughts, there will be a lesser need for humanitarian aid in the Horn of Africa.’

Commissioner  Georgieva  noted that in the Horn of Africa,  15% of the EU's total spending goes to humanitarian actions and 75% is spent on development, which is good, but more must be done. The EU's initiative for the region – SHARE – aims at enhancing coordination between humanitarian and development actors in order to find a longer lasting solution to successive droughts in the Horn of Africa