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Commissioner Georgieva engages in high-level dialogue on Somalia's future

Commissioner Georgieva talks to Somali refugees in the Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya © EU
23/02/2012  - 

Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva is in London today for high-level talks on helping Somalia's recovery. She participates in events in the framework of the London Conference on Somalia, organised by the British government. The Commissioner and other representatives of the international humanitarian community are discussing the way to keep delivering a sustained, timely, principled and coordinated support in the country where millions of people struggle with drought, hunger, war and poverty.

Commissioner Georgieva voiced her support for the continued humanitarian engagement in Somalia, to which the European Commission has a long and unwavering commitment. Having seen for herself the struggle of Somali refugees in Kenya and Yemen, the Commissioner advocated sustainable solutions for refugees outside Somalia. She also emphasised on the need to build resilience to future droughts of the most vulnerable Somali communities.

Last year, the European Commission allocated €77 million to support the victims of drought, flooding, famine, conflict and displacement in Somalia. A first tranche of €40 million has been committed for 2012. The European Union is also one of the leading international donors to Somalia's development needs.
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