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Commissioner Georgieva in Estonia to discuss humanitarian aid and civil protection

A woman walking in a street in Tallinn © EU
16/01/2012  - 

Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva is in Tallinn today, where she will present and discuss her portfolio priorities with relevant Estonian stakeholders.

The Commissioner will meet the Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and the Under Secretary for Economic and Development affairs Väino Reinart. She will also visit the Minister of Interior, Ken-Marti Vaher, and Alo Tammsaar, Deputy-Director of the Estonian Rescue Service. At the Estonian Parliament, Georgieva will meet its President Ene Ergma and the Chairs of the National Defence, Foreign Affairs and EU Affairs committees.

"I am pleased to see Estonia's growing engagement in humanitarian aid and civil protection. The country's proactive role in and recent co-chairmanship of the Good Humanitarian Donorship; its support for numerous humanitarian aid organisations; its capability to provide quality rescue and search services, and the participation in humanitarian aid missions across the world are only some of the achievements Estonia can be proud of," said Commissioner Georgieva.

She also voiced appreciation of Estonia's active participation in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism – through it, Estonia has offered assistance to several disaster-stricken countries – such as Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and Poland, Moldova and Pakistan after severe floods of the same year. Together with Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia is also an integral player in the EU co-financed BaltFloodCombat project – a high-capacity flood-fighting module that is instrumental for Europe's rapid flood response capacity.

Estonia has also contributed to knowledge-sharing – both through civil protection exercises like the 2011 EU-CREMEX, and through sharing reform experience with developing countries.