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Music stars Amadou and Mariam raise voices against hunger

Commissioner Georgieva greets Amadou and Mariam © EU
27/06/2011  - 

Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva has joined forces with world music stars Amadou and Mariam, whose latest hit "Labendela" challenges us all not to forget the plight of millions of hungry people around the world. The Malian musicians are Ambassadors Against Hunger for the European Union and the World Food Programme. Tonight they performed at Rome's famous Terme di Caracalla, and were greeted by a multitude of fans, including Commissioner Georgieva and WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.

"Labendela means hand in hand - and that is how we can strive to feed the hungry, particularly women and children," Mariam explained. Through their music, she and Amadou sent a call for action and a message of solidarity with the 925 million people around the world who face the spectre of hunger on a daily basis. The stars witnessed for themselves the efforts of the European Commission and WFP to fight hunger in Haiti, where the video for "Labendela" was filmed.

Before the spell-binding musical performance, Commissioner Georgieva paid tribute to all the citizens of Europe, whose generosity helps provide daily sustenance to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people all over the world - in Pakistan, Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Haiti and other countries.