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Visit by Commissioner Georgieva to Yemen – 15/01/2011 © EU

Commissioner Georgieva increases European humanitarian aid to Yemen

15/01/2011 - At the end of her visit to Yemen, Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva announced the mobilisation of €15 million to address the country’s growing humanitarian needs. The Commissioner also inaugurated the new European humanitarian office in the capital Sana'a. Yemen hosts over 239 000 refugees from the Horn of Africa, while around 225 000 Yemeni are internally displaced due to conflicts. (...)

Yemeni children in front of a EU humanitarian tent - 12/01/2011 © EU/ECHO/Heinke Veit

Commissioner Georgieva draws attention to forgotten humanitarian crisis in Yemen

12/01/2011 - Commissioner Georgieva sets out for Yemen today, together with António Guterres - the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They will gather first-hand information on the humanitarian challenges in the country, which is struggling to sustain a massive number of internally displaced persons and refugees from the Horn of Africa. (...)

Commissioner Georgieva in Haiti, visiting the hospital with Handicap International - 02/03/2010 © EU

Commissioner Georgieva renews EU's commitment with Haiti one year after the earthquake

11/01/2011 - "One year after the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti and hurt more than one million people, we want to reaffirm that helping the country to recover remains a EU priority. We have been a steadfast partner in Haiti and we will continue to be fully committed in the long run to advancing the country's reconstruction and to helping its people build a better tomorrow". (...)