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Commissioner Georgieva makes a plea for cholera victims in Haiti

Field hospital in Haiti, 2010 © European Union - ECHO/Peter Zangl
13/12/2010  - 

During a short statement in the European Commission’s press room, Commissioner Georgieva made a plea on behalf of cholera victims in Haiti. She said, "The anti-cholera efforts undertaken before the post-electoral riots have reduced the daily rate of cholera deaths from 50 on 23 November to 22 on 4 December. We are working to continue this positive trend; but to be successful, humanitarian workers and victims of cholera need peace. Insecurity is killing more people by preventing treatment than by violence in the streets. If turmoil persists, the cholera epidemic could get out of control. It is essential to allow patients to be treated, clean water to be provided and good sanitation to be ensured. If we fail to do so, the consequences could be devastating."