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New volunteering opportunity for humanitarian aid takes shape

Commissioner Georgieva presents the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps project in Strasbourg © EU
23/11/2010  - 

A first step was made today towards the creation of a European Voluntary Corps in Humanitarian Aid. This project, one of the most citizen-oriented innovations of the Lisbon Treaty, aims to provide Europeans with new and better opportunities to engage in voluntary work in humanitarian aid. A policy paper on the creation of European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps was adopted by the European Commission today in Strasbourg. The Communication was presented by Kristalina Georgieva, Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response. She outlined the growing popularity of volunteer work in Europe, and the steady support of Europeans for humanitarian aid. She also set out the ways in which the new Corps will embrace and improve the European Union's humanitarian operations. Today's policy paper will be followed by consultations with stakeholders, and a pilot phase of the Corps in 2011 – The European Year of Volunteering.