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Commissioner Georgieva visits Pakistan

Flood victims living in tents in Pakistan © EU
23/08/2010  - 

Commissioner Georgieva is visiting Pakistan from 23d to 27th of August to convey the message of the EU's solidarity with the people and authorities of Pakistan, and request that humanitarian workers have full access to the people in need. The Commissioner will also assess the ongoing international humanitarian response with both the partners in Islamabad and in the field. During her time in Pakistan, she will publish a daily summary of her impressions from the country which can be read on her blog.

The Commission has already deployed 11 humanitarian experts to evaluate the needs on the ground and to ensure that the €70 million approved by the Commission for humanitarian aid in Pakistan are used effectively to reach the victims of the floods. In addition, the Commission has deployed a European Civil Protection team to coordinate the in-kind assistance sent by European Member States. Currently, European humanitarian response to the floods in Pakistan (Commission and Member States combined) has reached €200 M (254 M USD).