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Generous response to the Hungarian request for sandbags to combat floods

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27/05/2010  - 

At 20h00 on 25 May, Hungary activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism for urgent assistance in the response to the flood situation in the country. Hungary identified an immediate need for up to 2 million sandbags to strengthen its flood containment capacity. In response to the call send by the Monitoring and Information Center, there have been offers from Germany, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Sweeden, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Romania, The Netherlands and Croatia amounting 4,7 million bags. Hungary has accepted 1,9 million of these bags from EU Member States and 1,2 million additional from international partners such as Switzerland, Ukraine and Moldova. Since 15 May 2010, unusual heavy rains have affected approximately one third of the country. The flood protection efforts are currently concentrated in four areas: North Hungarian rivers, Central Hungarian Great Plain, Kapos river, valley Bakony Mountains in Trans-Danubia.