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Commissioner Georgieva discusses with Energy Commissioner Öttinger and leaders of oil and gas production industry how to better prevent and react to oil pollution crisis

Commissioner Georgieva, Commissioner Oettinger and a member of the Oettinger cabinet © EU
11/05/2010  - 

The meeting with high level representatives of major oil and gas companies focussed on obtaining assurances from the industry that they fully manage all risks to avoid disasters similar to the one currently witnessed in the Gulf of Mexico. Although the off-shore operations of the EU do not take place in such extreme conditions as those in the Gulf of Mexico, the EU must remain prepared for the possibility of a similar accident to happen near to its shore. Therefore, the meeting represented a good occasion for the two Commissioners to sit down with leaders of the industry to discuss EU legislation and best practices in place, both to prevent a disaster and to act in case of an accident. For Commissioner Georgieva it offered the opportunity to present the Commission's preparedness and response plans for marine pollution incidents.