Kedidia Mossi, Brussels/Niger


I have recently seen many organisations calling the attention to the hunger and poverty issues in the Sahel by putting up sometimes unbearable pictures of emaciated children to attempt to raise public sympathy to the issue. But my question is how effective this kind of image is in attrating more funding (here obviously raising awareness). I think while there may be reasons to use such types of pictures, they also tend to reinforce stereotypes of never ending famines and hunger problems despite billions of Euros or dollars poured into the cause. So there, the question of the effectiveness of the actions of all these organisations could be raised. Also I notice that the woman beside the child appears to be fairly healthy - however lack of knowledge (education, access to nutritional information, traditions) as being an important cause of food insecurity and malnutrition. What about the neglect of some local food/edible plants items disregarded in conventional wisdom as being able to provide nutritious foods?These are just questions to think about.