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Commissioner launches Horizon 2020 in the UK

"I am pleased that some of the people that were instrumental in delivering Horizon 2020 are here today. Without the UK at the table, Horizon 2020 might have looked very different indeed"


Launch of Horizon 2020 / London

London, 31 January 2014


Minister Willetts, Sir Paul, Commissioner Vassiliou,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to be in London today for the official launch in the United Kingdom of Horizon 2020.

And I am also very pleased to be sharing the platform with two leading lights in British science policy, who are advocates of the advantages of European cooperation in research, innovation and science.

The Commission attaches huge importance to Horizon 2020 as a flagship programme to generate growth and jobs. I am pleased to be joined today by Commissioner Vassiliou who will talk to you about the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and the Marie Skłodowska Curie actions, both of which will be funded by Horizon 2020.

I hope that what you have heard today about Horizon 2020 has whetted your appetite for the programme. I am relying on you to spread the word about Horizon 2020 and to encourage your networks and colleagues to participate very actively.