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Commissioner delivers speech at Opening of Ireland / EU 40th Anniversary Exhibition in Dublin

"Membership of the EU has been overwhelmingly positive for Ireland. It has transformed our economy and our society for the better in countless ways – including the social and economic status of women – and has given this small country a role on a bigger stage."


Dublin, 14 March 2013

European Union must deliver economic recovery if it is to prove its relevance to all the people

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am delighted to open this exhibition celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Ireland's accession to the EEC.

Forty years – and a world away.

Ireland was so very different, back then. Immeasurably different. In how we worked or, if you were female and in the civil service and got married, in how we didn’t work, because getting married got you fired. In how we lived. In what we imported and exported.