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Research, Innovation and Science

Innovation in the Transatlantic Relationship: Unlocking the Potential of a 21st Century Economy

Group photo at the AmCham Conference, Brussels, 3 March 2011 - © AmCham, 2011
"I think of the EU and the US as a pair of climbers. We are scaling the steep cliff of growth towards greater prosperity, while battling against harsh economic cross-winds."


Brussels, 3 March 2011

Mr Vasallo, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you for inviting me to address this year’s Transatlantic Conference. As many of you know, I gave my first major speech as the European Commissioner with responsibility for Research, Innovation and Science to a meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU here in Brussels, just over one year ago. So it is a pleasure to be with you again, after a very full year of working hard to build Europe's innovation policy.

I want to share with you what we have achieved so far and what difference I think it will make to the transatlantic business community. I also want to talk about our future work and what I think that means for our transatlantic economic partnership.