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Commissioner launches consultation on major improvements to EU Research and Innovation funding

Commissioner at Press conference on a Common Strategic Framework
"This Green Paper is also very much the next step in our simplification agenda - we cannot maximise value for money without simplification. We need to release our researchers and innovators from red tape."

Brussels, 9 February 2011

Today we are launching a consultation process which will culminate in radical changes to the way we fund research and innovation.

I asked when I spoke here about the Innovation Union Scoreboard on 1 Feb for an end to fragmentation of policy and of effort between Member States – and that theme is prominent in the Green Paper.

But the EU also has to step up to the plate. We need to obtain the best value for taxpayers for every euro we spend from Brussels.

So we need to do things in a much more joined-up way at EU-level.

The Common Strategic Framework we are setting out today will improve links between EU funding for different parts of the innovation chain, from basic research to innovation by companies.