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Innovation Union Scoreboard highlights the innovation emergency in Europe

Commissioner Máire Geoghegan Quinn
"Innovation is as essential to sustainable growth and jobs as water is to life. Economies that do not innovate will wither away. So this Scoreboard is a key instrument also of the Europe 2020 Strategy and of the Annual Growth Survey we published last month."

Brussels, 1 February 2011

Members of the press love a league table.

Heads of state and government are not always so enthusiastic.

However, they are sensitive to this kind of instrument and to the articles you will be writing – and that is good, as we approach the European Council, where for the first time EU leaders will adopt detailed conclusions on innovation.

But this revamped Innovation Union Scoreboard is not a league table to be discussed and filed away.

We are asking Member States to act on it in their Europe 2020 National Reform Programmes, by building on strengths and addressing weaknesses.

Today's Innovation Union Scoreboard is a sharper tool than before, more closely linked with the Innovation Union. Overall comparisons with the results of former European Innovation Scoreboards are difficult, given changes in the indicators used.