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Commissioner speaks at Business Europe's CEO Event, Brussels

This is what the Innovation Union Flagship is about: innovation as the overarching policy objective; where we take a medium- to longer-term perspective; where all policy instruments, measures and funding are designed to contribute to innovation; where EU and national policies are closely aligned and mutually reinforcing; and last but not least, where the highest political level sets a strategic agenda, regularly monitors progress and tackles delays.


Business Europe's CEO Event
Brussels, 14 October 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'm delighted to be here with you today for Business Europe's Advisory and Support Group CEO event.

I am truly impressed by the high level participation today, you represent leading European and international companies at the forefront of innovation.

Over the past year the economic and financial crisis has confronted the European Union with some of its greatest challenges.

In June, our leaders endorsed the Europe 2020 Strategy proposed by the European Commission to help get the European economy back on track. Knowledge, research and innovation are at its core, and just last week the Commission adopted the Innovation Union Flagship initiative proposing a raft of bold and necessary actions and policies to make Europe an "Innovation Union". We need an Innovation Union to get millions of unemployed people back to work and to address society's biggest challenges.

When leading the preparatory work on the Innovation Union with Vice President Tajani, I consulted extensively and personally with a great number of stakeholders, notably from business circles, in order to really understand what could best help Europe to become a hotspot of research and innovation.