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Research, Innovation and Science

Innovation, Investment and Growth - Roundtable Lunch hosted by the European-American Business Council (EABC)

"We need to pursue regulatory and policy cooperation that promises closer integration of our economies. The result will be to boost growth and job creation, while supporting strategic societal goals."

Washington, D.C., 28 May 2010

"Ladies and gentlemen,

This is my first speech, on my first visit outside Europe, as the Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science. I am extremely pleased that this visit is to the United States, and I am very glad to be addressing the transatlantic business community.

The trade between the European Union and the United States is still the main artery of the world economy. And the industries and entrepreneurs of the US and Europe are at the beating heart of that economy.

Strengthening that vital pulse means applying new knowledge and ideas to the products and services that you provide. As the first ever Commissioner for innovation, I am responsible for creating the dynamic innovation policies in the EU that will help you to do that.

I will be leading a group of my fellow Commissioners in the creation of a new European Research and Innovation Strategy that will be put to the heads of state and government of the EU this autumn. This strategy will spell out how we will work with EU Member States, businesses and other stakeholders to transform Europe into a vibrant innovation-driven economy - what I call an "i-conomy".

Developing this i-conomy will be central to the EU's economic policy over the next 10 years. I am talking about the recently-published Europe 2020 Agenda. This is the roadmap that sets out in broad terms the policies and initiatives that we need to achieve growth and create more jobs.