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Research, Innovation and Science

Opening Remarks at the Press Conference on Simplification of Research Funding, Brussels

"The Framework Programme is not a programme for accountants or bureaucrats. It is a programme for scientists and innovators. Above all, it is a programme for Europeans. It provides tangible evidence of how the EU can improve people's lives."

Brussels, 29 April 2010

Speaking notes for Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn, for press conference on simplification of research funding

"I am here today to explain our proposals to cut red tape in EU research funding.

I want researchers to spend more time in the lab and less time in the office.

But first I want to underline the success of EU research policy.

Over 54 billion euros in EU funds are being invested from 2007-2013 under the EU's Seventh Research Framework Programme, known as FP7.

With research and innovation at the core of the EU's Europe 2020 Strategy, using this money effectively is more important than ever.

Research funding is a key weapon in the fight for economic recovery. It is a short-term stimulus through maintaining and creating high-quality jobs. It is a long-term investment in our future.

The Seventh Framework Programme has funded almost seven thousand projects since 2007. Nearly all European universities participate. That is a fantastic achievement.