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Cities innovating for future growth - Speech at Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin city

"We must put excellence at the heart of the European research policy and we must ensure a free flow of knowledge, the so called "Fifth Freedom" which is one of the core features of the European Research Area."

Dublin, 23 April 2010

"Lord Mayor, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am honoured to be here this morning at your conference.
I would like to thank Councillor Emer Costello, the Lord Mayor of Dublin for inviting me here to give this keynote address on " Cities Innovating For Future Growth."

It is clear to me that Dublin City Council is taking the issue of innovation very seriously and that this is a central component of your future jobs strategy. We need to innovate if we are going to create smarter, cleaner and greener jobs into the future.

Towards an "Innovation Union"

A clear sign of the growing importance of innovation within the European Union is the fact that I am the first ever European Commissioner to have been given responsibility for innovation policy. My task is to create the conditions for a more dynamic Europe, where creative people are encouraged to develop their abilities, where companies can do better business and where cities and regions can thrive and prosper. I want to ensure that we work together with Member States, businesses and stakeholders alike to transform Europe into a really vibrant innovation economy or what I call an "i-conomy."