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Commission points to innovation reforms to sustain economic recovery


Turkey joins Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme


"Turkey is a much valued partner. Its dynamic business environment is a perfect test bed for the development of innovative products and service"

European Citizens’ Initiative: European Commission replies to ‘One of Us’


"The Commission will continue to apply the strict ethical rules and restrictions in place for EU-funded research, including that we will not fund the destruction of embryos."

Iceland and Norway sign up to join Horizon 2020


"I am delighted that our excellent cooperation with Iceland and Norway will continue through their association to Horizon 2020"

First "ERA Chairs" to boost research excellence in 11 regions


"I want to make sure that no one with potential is left behind, so Horizon 2020 will provide funding for more ERA Chairs in places where they are needed the most."

Horizon 2020 approval by Parliament a boost for European Research and Innovation


"This is a vote of confidence in the power of EU research and innovation funding. It paves the way for more investment in knowledge and competitiveness in Europe."

Research: New partnership to fight poverty-related diseases


"Our goal in this new partnership is to work together to develop at least one new and better health product per year. This will represent a big step forward for the millions who suffer from poverty-related diseases."

Publication of the result of the Innovation Union Scoreboard 2013 – joint press conference by Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, and Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn.


"Our latest State of the Innovation Union report, also published today, shows we made progress in 2012 on some of the big ticket items like the Unitary Patent and new rules for venture capital funds, but we need to go further in order to avoid an innovation divide in Europe."

EU provides €144 million for new research on rare diseases


"The projects will help improve the lives of some of the 30 million Europeans suffering from a rare disease. The selected projects bring together over 300 participants from 29 countries in Europe and beyond, including teams from leading academic institutions, SMEs and patients' groups"

Commission to launch bioeconomy observatory


"The observatory will gather data to follow the evolution of markets, to map EU, national and regional bioeconomy policies, research and innovation capacities, and the scale of related public and private investments. The observatory will be coordinated by the Joint Research Centre, the Commission's in-house science service"

EU funding to help ‘blue sky’ research to market


"New EU funding announced today will provide grants, worth €150,000 each, for top-level researchers to bridge the gap between their work and marketable innovation"

Research and Innovation: Commission widens search for expert advisors for Horizon 2020


"Our aim is to reach the broadest range of experts who will help us to deliver innovative ideas, sustainable growth and new jobs"

302 top researchers awarded €680 million in EU funding


"With up to €2.5 million per project, the funding allows these scientists to pursue their most ground-breaking ideas at the frontiers of knowledge together with their own teams"

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