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Commissioner Füle visits Tunisia to stress continuing support for transition

Commissioner Füle visits Tunisia to stress continuing support for transition

Brussels (12th March) - Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy, Štefan Füle, will visit Tunisia on 14th and 15th March to reiterate continuing support of the European Union for the democratic transition in the country. He will stress that the EU trusts that Tunisian stakeholders will be able to overcome the current crisis and progress towards the approval of the Constitution and the organisation of elections.

During his stay in Tunis Commissioner Füle will meet with the presidents of the political parties Ennahda and Nidaa Tounes, with the president of the main trade union organisation (UGTT), with business organisations and with representatives of civil society. Some more political meetings are planned as well. The Commissioner will also sign few projects including a grant contract focusing on preventing violence based on gender and on helping the victims of gender violence.

This is the fourth visit of Commissioner Füle to Tunisia since its democratic revolution in January 2011. Previously he visited Tunisia in July 2012. The last high level event in the framework of EU-Tunisia relations was the Association Council in November in Brussels, when a political agreement was reached on the text of the Action Plan on Privileged Partnership. The Action Plan should guide the future cooperation between Brussels and Tunis based on European support provided in line with the "more for more" principle meaning more funding and assistance for more democratic reforms and more progress in transition.

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