Turkey: Š.Fule with Justice Minister on efforts to move reforms forward

Turkey: Š.Fule with Justice Minister on efforts to move reforms forward

Brussels, 6 December 2012 - Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle met with Turkish Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin in Brussels today. The meeting comes six months after they jointly put in place the Positive Agenda working group on the chapter on judiciary and fundamental rights and Commissioner Füle thanked Minister Ergin for his continuous efforts to bring forward important reforms in these areas. "These efforts have already resulted in key reforms such as the 3rd judicial reform package, the law on the ombudsman institution, and the submission of legislation guaranteeing the use of mother tongue in courts," he said and added: "We remain engaged and strongly support your work, Minister, since it is the results exactly on these fronts which can move Turkey forward."

The EU attaches particular importance to the adoption of a fourth judicial reform package, including important legal changes which should allow continuing shortcomings in the respect for fundamental rights in Turkey to be addressed. The Positive Agenda has proven to be a useful tool for cooperation on reforms and the objective is to further address the issues related to the judiciary and fundamental rights in the framework of the formal accession negotiations. This would be for the benefit of the country and its citizens who would enjoy better standards when it comes to their rights.

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