Globalisation testing EU´s integration model

Globalisation testing EU´s integration model

"The current difficulties in the EU should not be seen as a sign of failure of our integration project," Commissioner Štefan Füle said in the Polish city of Wroclaw today. "The enlargement of the EU and our policy towards the neighbours could be part of the solution in addressing the challenges and difficulties," he said in his speech at the Wroclaw Global Forum. Commissioner Füle was speaking about the EU and its neighbourhood policy in a changing world and what is the impact of the global changes on European integration policy. "Globalisation does not stop at Europe´s or Schengen´s borders. It has visa-free status. Globalisation is testing if our integration model is up to the task," he noted.

"We can and should be doing more to improve our structures and the way we pursue our policies, so that we use the external elements to our advantage. The time has come for us increase the pace of delivery so that our neighbourhood policy can be more effective. We need to use all our instruments. We are too cautious. We should send positive signals to our Eastern partners. We should encourage them to advance as far and as fast as possible on the path towards the closest possible political association and economic integration with the European Union. But we should be firm with them in insisting on delivering on values and principles as any compromise here would ultimately weaken the EU."

More information: Speech by Commissioner Štefan Füle at the Wroclaw Global Forum

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