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Since 10 February 2010, I have been in charge of the EU enlargement and neighbourhood policies – two vital policy areas for the EU's mission to consolidate peace, democracy and prosperity in Europe.

  • EU enlargement policy provides a powerful incentive for economic and political reforms in countries wishing to join the EU. It is in our strategic interest to pursue enlargement credibly and consistently.

    We will continue to honour existing commitments, making sure that any European country ready to join the EU can do so. Being an EU member is a demanding task for which a country needs to be well prepared. It is important that each new country joining makes the EU not only larger but stronger.

  • European neighbourhood policy builds on the belief that we secure our own future by promoting democracy, prosperity and stability across and around our continent. We will continue to support democratic reforms, economic growth and cooperation with and between our neighbours.

    Public policies can only be successful if they enjoy public support. I hope you will be an active contributor to the debate. Any suggestions as to what could make Commission websites more interactive and interesting for you are most welcome.
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