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  • 20/12/13 - New funding to support economic development, civil society and institution building in Armenia Deutsch (de) English (en) français (fr)
  • 16/12/13 - New EU regional development and protection programme for refugees and host communities in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq Deutsch (de) English (en) français (fr)
  • 12/12/13 - EU-Ukraine: Association Agreement is an offer to the country and its people English (en)
  • 10/12/13 - Speech by Commissioner Füle: IPA and ENI reflecting EU's support to closest neighbours English (en)
  • 10/12/13 - Speech - Time to get stronger in our commitment to EaP and reforms in Ukraine English (en)
  • 10/12/13 - Speech by Commissioner Füle: EU-Ukraine: standing ready to help and support English (en)
  • 09/12/13 - EU-Azerbaijan: Willingness to enhance cooperation on all levels English (en)
  • 09/12/13 - EU-Armenia: New context but same resolve to take partnership forward English (en)
  • 28/11/13 - Speech by Commissioner Füle: Eastern partnership challenges on the road ahead English (en)
  • 28/11/13 - Speech by Commissioner Füle: Association agreements with Eastern Partners: Opening new doors to investment and trade English (en)
  • 27/11/13 - Commission proposes visa-free regime to Moldova English (en)
  • 21/11/13 - EU boosts support to democratic reforms and development in the Southern Neighbourhood Deutsch (de) English (en) français (fr)
  • 20/11/13 - Statement by Commissioner Füle after his visit to Kiev English (en)
  • 06/11/13 - The EU hosts a meeting with International Finance Institutions to discuss the Eastern Partnership and enhance cooperation English (en)
  • 29/10/13 - Moldova: with leaders of coalition parties on strengthening the EU agenda English (en)
  • 23/10/13 - EU-Moldova: with I. Leancă about Vilnius Summit and beyond English (en)
  • 22/10/13 - In the European Parliament about the implementation of the ENP (package 2013) English (en)
  • 22/10/13 - Eastern Partnership: Armenia, Georgia and Moldova join Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Deutsch (de) English (en) français (fr)
  • 22/10/13 - Additional support for energy efficiency and environment in Armenia, Moldova and Georgia English (en)
  • 11/10/13 - Speech at the National Round Table on European integration English (en)
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