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As Commissioner for Trade, my role will be to pursue the ongoing efforts toward free trade to the benefit of all.

In this context completing the Doha trade round will come as a major goal. Other important dossiers include the conclusion of pending free Trade Agreements, coordinating the Trans-Atlantic Economic Council with the US and the High Level Economic Dialogue with China, and building up on the success of these dialogues to strengthen economic relations with other strategic trade partners.

Our efforts to keep markets open will be pursued through our own and the G20's monitoring work, through our Market Access Strategy, and by updating and modernising our trade defence instruments.  The renewal of our General System of Preferences will be crucial for helping developing countries trade with the Union, as well as the deepening of economic partnerships with ACP countries.

Read more: Mission letter from President Barroso (pdf)

What the Directorate-General for Trade is responsible for?

The Directorate General for Trade is responsible for designing, implementing and communicating EU trade policies. Its goal is to promote an open market while tackling unfair practices and addressing the challenges of globalisation, aiming at shaping a trade environment that benefits both people and business.    

  • Define the trade interests of the EU in both defensive and offensive terms;
  • Negotiate bilateral, regional or multilateral agreements with third countries
  • To monitor and ensure the implementation of international agreements and to tackle the unfair practices
  • Take part in devising and monitoring internal or external policies which have a bearing on the Union's trade and external investments (single market, consumers, health, environment, technology, intellectual property, competitiveness, competition, energy, transport, agriculture, sectoral measures);
  • Ensure consistency with EU external policies
  • Provide the public, both sides of industry, civil society and professional circles with clear, comprehensive and up-to-date information