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European Maritime Security Strategy : Moving Forward


Commissioner Damanaki addressed the Chiefs of European Navies (CHENS) today in Portsmouth where they are holding their annual meeting. Read her speech below.

The CHENS is an informal, independent and non-political forum which brings together the Chief of Navy of each European maritime nation that is either a member of NATO or the EU and has naval armed forces. This event has been the opportunity for Commissioner Damanaki to come back on the proposal that she jointly tabled with High Representative Ashton early March for a European Maritime Security Strategy. Commissioner also recalled that ensuring the security and safety of our seas and oceans is a prime objective for the EU and that this proposal is an important step towards the completion of this objective.


Speech at the European Maritime Day 2014: Innovation and research in the maritime economy


Commissioner Damanaki keynote speech delivered during the European Maritime Day organised in Bremen, Germany. Commissioner Damanaki underlined that pressures on marine ecosystems are likely to increase and added that alternative, innovative and sustainable solutions are urgently needed.
She further added that looking at the blue economy is therefore important and mentionned  the new strategy adopted by the European Commission to help use ocean resources sustainably as well as drive growth and jobs in Europe.

Read below Commissioner Damanaki's speech.


Keynote address on Blue innovation at the Informal Competitiveness Council


Commissioner Damanaki adressed today the European Ministers attending the Informal competitiveness Council and presented the Commission's recently adopted new communication on Blue innovation. Read Commissioner Damanaki's remarks below.


Blue Innovation: Removing the bottlenecks for sustainable investment in our seas


Commissioner Damanaki presented today, together with Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn, a Communication to drive the European maritime economy forward through innovation. Watch her Press Conference remarks below:

With land and freshwater resources under pressure, and oceans covering more than two thirds of our planet, we will have to rely more and more on the oceans and seas to provide sources for food, medicine and energy. This is why the Commission presented today an Action Plan for innovation in the "Blue Economy" to help use ocean resources sustainably and drive growth and jobs in Europe. For example, this could contribute to better knowledge of the ocean, better skills to apply new technologies in the marine environment and better coordination of marine research.

The maritime sector already employs 5.4 million people across Europe, working in professions as diverse as shipbuilding, tourism or offshore wind energy. But it could employ 7 million by 2020.

Important EU Research funding exists to help stimulate innovation. Between 2007 and 2013, the European Commission contributed an average of €350 million a year towards marine and maritime research through its seventh Framework Programme. Blue growth is a "focus area" in the new Horizon 2020 programme, with a specific €145 million budget for 2014-2015 alone, and further opportunities across the programme.

Find more information about the Communication here. Find examples of EU marine research as well as Questions and Answers. Read Commissioner's intervention below.



Fisheries management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea: time to go to the next level


Commissioner Maria Damanaki addressed today, May 20, the Annual Meeting of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM), which is taking place in Rome.
The GFCM is a Regional Fisheries Management Organisation of the FAO, which is promoting the conservation of marine resources and the sustainable management of fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.
This year's session is of particular importance as it should conclude a new text of the Agreement establishing this organisation, and thus strengthen its scope and functions. The EU is fully supporting this reform process.

Read Commissioner Damanaki's intervention below.


Speech at the ESRT conference on "The Implementation of the European Maritime Security Strategy"


Commissioner Damanaki delivered today a keynote address during the Conference organised by the European Security Round Table (ESRT), focusing on the path towards a comprehensive and effective EU Maritime Security Strategy".
Within ESRT, relevant actors from the EU and NATO discuss crucial topics as well as the European security and defence issues.

Read Commissioner Damanaki's keynote speech below.


INSULEUR hearing at the EESC on the European Strategy on Coastal and Maritime Tourism


Commissioner Damanaki gave an Opening Speech today at the Public hearing of INSULEUR, the Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union, which took place at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). Commissioner Damanaki had the opportunity to exchange views with Mr Juan Gual de Torella, INSULEUR's Chairman as well as with Mr Henri Malosse, the President of the EESC. Together they evoked the European strategy on Coastal and Maritime Tourism and discussed both the handicaps and challenges of this strategy for Island regions.

Read Commissioner Damanaki's Opening speech below.


Farmed in the EU – Commissioner Damanaki at Seafood Expo Global 2014


Fish farming is healthy and can help tackle overfishing and protect wild fish stocks. That is the message delivered today by Commissioner Damanaki at a specially organised event at the Seafood Expo Global held in Brussels. You can read her speech below.

At the event, part of the Commission's 'Inseparable' campaign to promote sustainable seafood, Commissioner Damanaki highlighted the specific qualities of European fish farming, or aquaculture: "As the population rises so does our demand for fish. Without fish farming there would simply not be enough fish to eat and the long term sustainability of our wild fish stocks would be at risk. Fresh, local and healthy, fish farmed in the EU meets high consumer protection standards, and tastes delicious."

During this event, Commissioner Damanaki has been joined by two top chefs: Gianfranco Vissani from Italy and Kevin MacGillivray from the UK (cf. picture). Later in the year, an EU run school project across ten countries will raise further awareness of the benefits of eating farmed fish.

Find more about today's event here and through Q&As here. Visit the Inseparable website and its section dedicated to Aquaculture.

And read Commissioner's intervention below.


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