EU-Norway: negotiations completed on access to Skagerrak fishing

The Commission welcomes the completion of negotiations on a new agreement between the European Union and Norway on reciprocal access to fishing in the waters of the Skagerrak. This agreement, which replaces a previous agreement from 1966 between Denmark, Sweden and Norway, will allow those countries to maintain reciprocal access for their vessels, thus maintaining continuity of their fishing operations in this area. Further joint work is underway on important selectivity measures in the Skagerrak area.

Commissioner Damanaki stated: “I welcome this good example of the improved cooperation between the European Union and Norway on fisheries in the Skagerrak. This agreement is of vital importance to fishermen from both Denmark and Sweden, as well as from Norway, who have traditionally conducted fisheries in this limited area.”


(Credit picture: Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC)


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