Port hubs at the service of maritime clusters and Blue growth

Commissioner Damanaki visited the port of Piraeus and met with M. Georgios Anomeritis, President & CEO of the Port of Piraeus, in order to discuss the important role of port hubs in enhancing maritime clusters and achieving Blue Growth objectives.

Maritime economic sectors can be hampered by lack of access to financing as well as a lack of suitably skilled workers. A solution to these obstacles is the development of maritime clusters. These groups of interdependent industries, suppliers, educational and research institutes are useful to develop blue economy. They help define European maritime economy, provide high-skills and increase data-bases and mapping of the sector in order to achieve sustainable growth opportunities in marine and maritime sectors.

In its Communication on Blue Growth, the European Commission encourages Member States to support the creation of regional and cross-border maritime clusters as they can contribute to the improvement of maritime economic activity as well as to the exchange of good practices and sharing of knowledge.

Therefore, the sectorial synergies of port hubs are a good contributor to the enhancing of maritime clusters cooperation with other sectors in order to achieve blue economy objectives.

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