Interpol joins the fight against illegal fishing

Interpol's Environmental Crime Program will launch 'Project Scale', to coordinate international action against illegal fishing, after identifying the need for a more systematic approach to deal with such crimes impacting on food availability and security.

During the first International Fisheries Enforcement Conference and Fisheries Crime Working Group Meeting, being held 26 to 28 February in Lyon, France, Interpol said it wants to develop a coordinated, global approach to fisheries crime and strengthen cooperation and communication between national agencies and international organizations in the field of fisheries.

Commissioner Maria Damanaki commented on Interpol's project: "This opens up yet another promising avenue for challenging IUU pirates. The EU has achieved a lot since adopting the IUU regulation but we cannot do the job alone. International cooperation is vital and the EU will continue to enforce the rules and push for international cooperation at all levels." 

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