European Commission publishes review on Employment and Social Developments in 2012

The European Commission has published this week a review on Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2012, highlighting that the five-year crisis has resulted in the highest levels of unemployment, unprecedented youth unemployment levels, a new rich and poor country divide, a weakening of social protection benefits and persisting gender pay gaps across the EU.

The crisis did not have a uniform impact across the whole population and has led to an even worse situation for groups already at heightened risk, notably young adults, children and migrants, contributing to social polarisation. The review also demonstrates that women face higher risks of poverty or exclusion than men: EU27 average reaches 25.2% for women compared to 23% for men. A skills mismatch is also evident, especially in the South, with a need for skills in growth sectors such as the green economy and information and communications technologies.

Commissioner Maria Damanaki will address tomorrow the Greek Association of Women Academics in Athens discussing, inter alia, the need for inclusive social policies in the context of the economic crisis.

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