European Parliament approves framework for sanctions against countries allowing unsustainable fishing

The European Parliament approved today the proposal that the European Commission tabled in December last year, authorising the Commission to impose a range of measures against third countries that allow unsustainable fishing.

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The Regulation will allow the EU to better protect fish stocks shared with third countries, by eliminating incentives to conduct non-sustainable fisheries

The measures foreseen will range from restricting imports of fish products from the concerned stock as well as associated fish species to prohibiting the conclusion of chartering agreements with economic operators from countries allowing non-sustainable fishing.

Commissioner Maria Damanaki welcomed the European Parliament decision: "This legal instrument will become an integral part and a key tool of the overall Common Fisheries Policy, as it aims at ensuring sustainability. The rationale is simple: unsustainable fishing is lucrative and will always be tempting for some. But we simply cannot afford to let any third country nullify our industry's efforts and our conservation work. This instrument gives us the means to prevent that. I am confident that the final adoption of the Regulation by the Council of Ministers will proceed swiftly."

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