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Commissioner Damanaki meets Prime Minister Samaras

Commissioner Maria Damanaki met with the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. After the meeting, Commissioner Damanaki made the following statement:

"In the coming months, the Commission will take some very important decisions about the euro, the unification of Europe, Southern Europe countries and of course Greece.

We had a very interesting exchange of views with the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on these matters.

It is obvious that as European Commissioner and Greek citizen, I will do my best to help in the great effort to rebuild the country and ensure its European perspective.

Regarding my responsibilities, the discussion focused on issues such as the exploitation of maritime wealth, which will be discussed at the next Summit under the Cyprus Presidency.

Our close cooperation will continue and I am sure it will be fruitful."

Commissioner Damanaki also met with Alexis Tsipras, President of the main Greek opposition party.

Commissioner Damanaki met with Professor Athanassios Tsaftaris, Minister for Rural Development and Food, in Athens.

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