A new strategy for growth and jobs in the Atlantic Ocean area

On Monday 28 November, Commissioner Maria Damanaki will present the new maritime strategy for growth and jobs in the Atlantic Ocean area at the high-level Lisbon Atlantic Conference. The strategy, just adopted by the European Commission, identifies challenges and opportunities in the region and takes stock of existing initiatives that can support growth and job creation.

Commissioner Damanaki said: "Europe urgently needs new far-sighted strands of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in a new low-carbon 'blue economy'. Emerging maritime industries have every chance to become one of the pillars of Europe 2020 strategy for growth and jobs. The collaborative platform offered through our Integrated Maritime Policy can help make the Atlantic region internationally renowned for its maritime excellence."

The new strategy is developed under the EU's Integrated Maritime Policy and follows similar strategies for the Baltic, the Arctic and the Mediterranean areas.

The Commission invites all stakeholders - national, regional and local authorities, the industry, civil society, and think tanks – to contribute their expertise and ideas to the Action Plan, which is to be designed to implement the strategy, through the 'Atlantic Forum'. The Forum will comprise a set of workshops focused on the challenges and opportunities outlined in the strategy and an online discussion forum.

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