2010-2012: Two and a half Years of Change in Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

With the first half of my mandate as European Commissioner already gone by, this is probably a good time to see where we are in fisheries and maritime affairs – and where we are headed.

We are certainly in a time of change. Most of my mandate so far has revolved around giving our policies sustainable foundations, breaking with past practices, responding to modern challenges, driving innovation…

In the field of fisheries, I am proud to have set the reform in motion. We are now on our way toward a system that will be more respectful of eco-systems and at the same time more rewarding for fishermen. Our international action will be more decisive than ever.

In maritime affairs, I have been driving forward several projects that will help smart and green growth. I have no doubt that our Integrated Maritime Policy will play a key role in helping Europe out of the recession.

Change is never easy, and it requires time. But the support that is gathering around my plans is striking, and I know we are doing the right thing.

Read on to see where this interesting journey has taken us so far. And stay with us to make sure we reach our destination: driving Europe out of the recession and make our policies fit for the 21st century.


Full text: 2010-2012: Two and a half Years of Change in Fisheries and Maritime Affairs

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