CV - Commissioner Maria Damanaki

Commissioner Maria Damanaki

Personal details

Born in Crete – Greece, 1952


Three children: Thodoris, 21, Heleni, 21 and Marianna, 15


Political career

Active in the underground student opposition to the dictatorship in Greece (1970-1974). Played a leading role in the coordination of its activities. During the 3 days of the popular uprising against the dictatorship, known as "the Polytechneio revolt"(15-17/11/73), speaker of the clandestine radio transmitter set-up inside the occupied National technical University of Athens. Her voice thus became known as "the voice of the uprising”.

Subsequently imprisoned by the dictatorship ( November 1973- July 1974)

Member of Parliament elected continuously between 1977 and 1993). When first elected in 1977 at the age of 25, youngest Greek M.P. ever Vice-president of the Greek Parliament (1986-1990). First woman ever to be elected Vice-president of the Greek Parliament

President of the Coalition of Left and Progress (1991-1993). First woman ever to lead a Greek political party.

Candidate for Mayor of Athens (1994 and 1998). Head of the opposition in the City Council.

Member of Parliament (2000-2003). Head of the PASOK (Socialist Party) group in the Select Committees on Education and Culture. Member of the Parliamentary Assemblies of the Council of Europe, the Western European Union and NATO. Member of the Inter-parliamentary Union.

Member of the Political Council of PASOK, responsible for education (2004-2006), social affairs (2006-2007) and culture (2008-2009)

Member of Parliament (2004-2009). Head of the PASOK group in the Select Committees on Social Affairs, Education and Culture and the Environment. Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Western European Union.

Chairperson of the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense (2009)


Professional career

Pechiney Aluminum Industries (1974)-engineer

Ministry of Finance of Greece. Department of import-export planning.(1975-1976)-administrator

Helector S.A. Department of energy and waste management (2003-2004)-Section manager



Master of Science degree in chemical engineering, with honors, from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (E.M.Π) - 1975

Οne-year diploma, Lancaster University – Department of Political Sciences on “Women in leading positions in Greece” -1997



Mother tongue: Greek



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